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Distance Language Learning: UT’s Translation Course Development in Digital Era

Distance Language Learning:  UT’s Translation Course Development in Digital Era

The paper is an attempt to explore the current development in distance language learning that leads to the extensive use of digital learning materials in UT’s Translation course development. With the focus on translation skills, Department of English Literature and Translation Studies relies their materials on translation practices and development so that students will have necessary competence when entering the labour market after graduating from the programme.

Digital era has influenced the nature of learning materials, tutorials delivery systems and even the evaluation approach in distance language learning. Exploring the best practices and experience collected during more than a decade of course development, the paper will share the first-hand experience and knowledge in the development of a foreign language programme. This will highlight the text base modules at the beginning, gradual shifting from the printed materials to digitalized materials, and subsequently fully on-line materials is now at the experimental level.

It is hoped that the paper will open significant discourses in development of courses in this dynamic and rapid-moving digital era.  Discussion will be concluded with some recommendations and conclusions on the development of digital materials and what should be done in the future in order to provide better course programme in foreign language courses, particularly in distance language settings.

Keywords: distance language learning, digital era, translation.

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