Prof. Melinda Bandalaria – Chancellor of University of the Philippines Open University, AAOU President

President of AAOU, Chancellor of University of the Philippines Open University: New Technologies in Open Education

Prof. Melinda Bandalaria – Chancellor of University of the Philippines Open University, AAOU President

President of AAOU, Chancellor of University of the Philippines Open University: New Technologies in Open Education



Chancellor and Professor

University of the Philippines Open University


Asian Association of Open Universities

Contact Points:


skype: mel.dela.pena

mobile number:  +63 918 9010515

Fax Number:  +63 49 536 6016

Mailing Address:       U.P. Open University

.                                       Los Banos, Laguna 4031

.                                       Philippines


Doctor of Philosophy

Major Field:    Development Communication

Cognate:          Sociology

University of the Philippines Los Banos, 2001


Master of Science in Development Communication

Cognate:          Animal Science

University of the Philippines Los Banos, 1995


Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Major Field:    Agronomy  (Plant Breeding)

University of the Philippines Los Banos, 1982


  • Recipient, 2nd Gawad Pangulo for Excellence in Public Service (2017)
  • One UP Professorial Chair Award for Teaching and Public Service (2016-2018)
  • Recipient: 2014 UPLB Alumni Association Outstanding Alumni Award
  • Recipient: 2014 College of Development Communication Outstanding Alumni Award
  • Recipient:  2013 UPOU Gawad Chancellor sa Natatanging Guro
  • Recipient:  2012 UPOU Professorial Chair Award

Title of Research:  Learner and Faculty Support Services in Open and Distance eLearning:  A Search for New Framework Based on New Context and Old Theories and Assumptions

  • Recipient:  2009 UPOU Faculty Grant Award

Title of Research:  “Learner Support Services Needed in Building Global Learning Communities”

Current Engagements

I. Instruction

  • Teaching 10 graduate and undergraduate courses in the distance elearning mode of instructional delivery under the programs:  Master of Development Communication; Doctor of Communication; Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies; Master of Distance Education

II. Research and Development/Community Service:

Note:  All projects have research component

Chair.  Asian Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs) Steering Committee.  2016-present.

Project Description:  Coordinate the development of MOOCs by Asian Open Universities and offering them through the Asian MOOCs Portal.  Lead the conduct of research on quality MOOCs.

Project Leader:

Enabling the University of the Philippines Open University for Mission RA 10650 (Open Distance Learning Act) and Strengthening its Position as a Leader in ODeL in the Region (December 2016-present)

Project Description:  CHED-funded project consisting of the following components: a).  develop MOOCs on various aspects/processes of offering courses in technology- enhanced and fully online mode of delivery; b).  codify the practices of UPOU to input on the QA Manual for Open Distance Learning; c).  conduct research on industry/employer perception about ODL; d).  provide faculty development for the offering of Business Analytics courses; and e). strengthen and increase awareness of the ASEAN Studies Graduate Program at the international arena.

Project Leader:

Master Class Video Series (August 2016-present)

Project Description: With funding from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the project aims at producing video materials for specific lessons from 17 courses for Senior High School under the K-12 program.  Subject area experts were identified to serve as resource persons in delivering the lessons through video.  In addition, the experts will also have to explain the pedagogical grounding for the selected method of delivering the lesson.  The materials which will be licensed under the CC framework can be used by Senior High School teachers in their own teaching of the courses.

Project Leader:

Business Analytics Project.  October 2016-present

Project Description:  A project funded by CHED which aims at developing materials for nine (9) courses on Business Analytics approved by CHED to be a track under the IT and Business Management Programs.  The materials for the courses will be made available as OERs for other HEIs to use in their own offerings.

Project Leader

Development of the Quality Assurance (QA) Framework for Open and Distance eLearning Programs.  September 2016-present

Project Description:  Interrogating what constitute quality in an open distance elearning mode of delivering education; codifying UPOU practices on the different pillars of quality in ODeL.  Output is a manual on QA Framework for ODeL which can serve as guide to other open universities/institutions delivering instruction through ODeL.  UP System funded project through the Academic Program Improvement.

Project Leader

Implementation of the Infoteach Outreach Program in collaboration with Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, Intel Philippines, Philippine Community eCenter Network, LGUs and DEPED Schools Division Superintendents.  October 2012-present

Project Description: Now on its 4th Phase, the project provides training on digital literacy and 21st Century skills to teachers and students from selected public high schools in different parts of the country.  The training is conducted via the blended learning mode of instruction.

Project Leader

Teacher Professional Development Through e-learning (a project which aims at training selected public elementary and high school teachers).  May 2005- present (now on Phase 5).  Finalist: 2011 eASIA Award for the Teacher Development Program

Project Description.  The project is being implemented in the province of Quezon and consists of major components as follows:  scholarship grant to enable the project beneficiaries to enroll in different teacher training programs of UPOU; and non-formal training programs specifically on ICT Integration to teaching; teaching strategies; development of visual aids to aid teaching.

Research Leader:

Quality Assurance System for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).  October 2016-present

Project Description.  With funding from the Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU), this research aims to establish a model for assuring quality for MOOCs.  The research is being undertaken in collaboration with Hanoi Open University.

Project Leader:

OERs for Technology Teaching and Learning.  September 2015-present

Project Description:  With funding from UNESCO-Bangkok, the project consists of two major components:  development of OERs for the course Technology for Teaching and Learning (TTL); and training of teachers on the use of these OERs using the blended teaching approach.   The TTL course will be integrated into the curriculum for teacher training at the bachelor’s level.

Focal Person:

Philippine Country Report on Lifelong Learning.  October 2016-present

Project Description:  Identification of three cases featuring unique initiatives to promote lifelong learning in the Philippines.  These cases will form the Philippine Country Report on Lifelong Learning.  The project is being funded by SEAMEO-CELL

Consultant/Learning Facilitator:

INELI-ASEAN Project.  October 2015-November 2017

Project Description.  Design and implement the online training for the selected public librarians from the 10 ASEAN countries plus Timor Leste.  Funding is from the Gates Foundation and being implemented/coordinated by the Philippine National Library.


Philippine Community eCenter Network.  A non-profit, multisectoral organization which  advocates for ICT for Development and Empowerment.  The organization also serves as the implementing arm of the Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO-DOST) of the Philippine Community eCenter Program.  July 2014-present.

Past Engagements

I. Public/Community Service

Project Leader

Certification Program on Child Rights and Protection in the Massive Open Distance eLearning Mode of Instructional Delivery (MOOCs Framework).  UPOU-UNICEF Philippines (Phase 2).  October 2014-December 2016

Project Description:  Enhancing three course materials on Child Rights Protection and Promotion to make them appropriate for offering under the Massive Open Online Courses.  Each module is equivalent to a 3-unit course and will be offered as 2-3 MOOCs .

Project Leader/Education System Integration Expert: 

Strengthening Knowledge-Based Economic and Social Development

An ADB-funded project for the BPO industry in the Philippines in collaboration with the Business Processing Association of the Philippines and the Asian Institute of Management (September 2013-15 September 2016).

Project Description:  UPOU enhances the five (5) modules developed by the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry experts.  Each module is for a 3-unit course identified by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to constitute the BPO track for IT and Management degree programs.  The courses are to be offered by UPOU as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).  The project has a research component on the following:  LMS for MOOCs; Learning Analytics; Sustainability Model for MOOCs; Quality Pillars in MOOCs; Technology in MOOCs

Project Leader

uLearn Project (2012-2013).  A UPOU Project aimed at innovating course offerings under the MOOCs framework.  Under this project, two courses had been developed in collaboration with SMART Telecommunications Company  to be offered as MOOCs.  These courses are Mobile Apps Development Using Android Platform and Technopreneurship.

II. Administrative Assignments

  1. Dean, Faculty of Information and Communication Studies (2010-2016)
  2. University Registrar, UP Open University (2001-March 2010)
  3. Coordinator, Offshore Students, UP Open University (2008-2010 years)
  4. Director, Office of Student Administration, UP Open University (June-November 2001)
  5. Assistant to the Dean, School for Distance Education, Los Banos (1995-1998)

III. Instruction

  • Developed 11 course materials for the formal courses being offered by the UP Open University
  • Developed eight (8) training modules for blended instruction delivery

Explanatory Note:  Blended mode here refers to two types: the blending of Face to Face and Distance eLearning modes; and technology blending in the Distance eLearning mode applying the principles of selecting appropriate medium/technology to deliver instructional content in the most effective and efficient manner

IV. Research

  • Involvement in 20 major research activities either as Research Leader/Co-researcher on the following areas
    • Teaching and Learning Strategies Using Computer Tablets
    • Learner Support Services for Distance eLearning (DeL) Students
    • Attrition in DeL
    • Learner Satisfaction in the DeL context
    • Quality Assurance in Distance eLearning specifically MOOCs
    • Assessment in distance elearning
    • Teacher Professional Development through DeL

Publications/Research Dissemination:

As Author/Co-Author

Book Chapter

Bandalaria, Melinda dP. and Alfonso, Grace Javier.  2015.  Situating MOOCs in the Developing World Context: The Philippines Case Study.  Chapter in the book MOOCs and OER Around the World published by Routledge, Taylor and Francis.  Bonk, Reeves, Lee, and Reynolds (eds).

Bandalaria, Melinda dP.  2015.  MODeLing: Reinventing MOOC Through a Learner-Centered Approach.  Chapter in the book Studies and Practices for Advancement in Open and Distance Education.  Published by the Open University Hongkong

Bandalaria, Melinda dP. 2014.  MODeLing: A  Search for an Ideal MOOC Framework.  Chapter in the book “Open Distance eLearning” published by UPOU.

Bandalaria, Melinda dP. 2005.  e-Learning for Development:  The Case of the University of the Philippines Open University.  Chapter 14. Perspectives on Distance Education (Educational Media in Asia).  Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver. Pp 189-201. (pp67-80)

Technical Journal

dela Pena-Bandalaria, Melinda.  2013.  Collaboration in Online Courses:  Drawing Insights from the Learners for Effective Learning Design and Learner Support Services. Malaysian Journal of Distance Education.  Available at

dela Pena-Bandalaria, Melinda. 2011.  Learner Support Services:  Going Beyond the Usual Notion in Open and Distance eLearning.  Journal of Open Education Research (Shanghai, China).  2011-06. Available at

dela Pena-Bandalaria, Melinda.  2011. Ensuring Quality Education in Open and Distance eLearning (ODeL) through Virtual Learning Communities.  AAOU Jounal 6(1): pp13-23.  Available at

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Bandalaria, Melinda dP. 2003.  Shifting to Online Tutorial Support System:  A Synthesis of  Experience.  Indonesian Journal of Open and Distance Learning. 4(1): 32-41.

Bandalaria, Melinda dP. 2002.  Selection and Use of Communication Technologies to Support Distance Education Learners:  A Philippine Case Study.  The Journal of Development Communication.  13(1):76-86.

Semi-technical Journals:

Bandalaria, Melinda dP.  1994.  Where are the agriculture graduates?  Agriscope Magazine.  June 1994 issue.

Bandalaria, Melinda dP.  1994.  Laguna Duck:  A Better Alternative.  UP Los Banos Newsletter Full Edition.  July 1994 issue.

Papers Presented/Read in Conferences (Papers are research-based):

dela Peña Bandalaria, Melinda. 2017. Open Education in the Philippines: The Imperatives; The Initiatives; The Impediments.  National Conference on Open and Distance eLearning. 22-24 November 2017.  Organized by UP Open University, Crowne Plaza, Manila

dela Peña Bandalaria, Melinda. 2017. Open Education in Asia: The Imperatives; The Initiatives; The Impediments.  eLearning Korea. 30 August 2017. Seoul, Korea

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dela Peña Bandalaria, Melinda. 2017.  ICT in education – Building a Promising Future for the Philippines. 14 March 2017.  I-City Summit. Organized by the Department of Communication and Information Technology and Huawei.  Manila, Philippines.

dela Peña Bandalaria, Melinda. 2016. Lifelong Learning in the Philippines. Experts Meeting: Towards an ASEAN Lifelong Learning Agenda.  4-6 November 2016. Organized by SEAMEO-CELL, HCMC, Vietnam.

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Bandalaria, Melinda dP.  2013.  MOOC- to MOOC+:  Applying the ODeL Quality Framework to Fill the Gaps.  Paper presented during the 25th World Conference of the International Council for Distance Education, 15-18 October 2013.  Tianjin, China.

Bandalaria M. (2013, October 21). Panelist: Attrition, Accreditation, and Assessment. Special Preconference Symposium on “MOOCs and Open Education around the World” at E-Learn 2013, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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Bandalaria, Melinda dP. 2010.  Ensuring Quality Education in ODL Through Global Learning Communities:  The UP Open University Experience (To be presented on the 2010 Annual Conference of the Asian Association of Open Universities on 27 October 2010 at Hanoi Open University, Vietnam.  Judged as one of the six finalists in the Best Paper Award)

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Bandalaria, Melinda dP. 2001.  Selection and Use of Information and Communication Technologies for Effective Delivery of Student Support Services.  7th Symposium on Open and Distance Learning.  Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  12-14 November 2001.

Past Extension/Community Development Work:

  • Member.  Working Committee to draft the Philippine Community e-Center Roadmap 2010-2016.  Commission on Information and Communication Technologies (CICT)
  • Member.  Working Committee to Develop/Draft the National Competency Standard for Community e-Center Knowledge Workers in the Philippines
  • Member.  Philippine Team for the Implementation of the Global Telecentre Academy (a 14-country-member group)
  • Member, Committee to Draft the Charter of the Global Charter
  • Acting Chair, Curriculum Committee, Global Telecenter Academy
  • Founding Member, Executive Committee, Global Learn Asia Pacific Conference.
  • Project Leader.  Capacity Building Program for Lao PDR.  This project was in coordination with the Philippine Embassy at Lao PDR (2006)

CV: 31 January 2018


All session by Prof. Melinda Bandalaria – Chancellor of University of the Philippines Open University, AAOU President

Keynote Speaker 1: New Technologies in Open Education

10:00 - 10:45
Moderator: Dr. Andy Liew, Registrar, Wawasan Open University
Grand Ballroom (1st Floor)